7 Tips to Quit Smoking using Electronic Cigarettes February 19 2016

1 - You don’t need to go cold turkey

Some people choose to throw away the smokes as soon as they start vaping. But if this is a little scary then limit yourself to 5 cigarettes a day for two weeks, then 2 cigarettes a day for the next two weeks. After the 4 weeks have passed, those two smokes a day will taste horrible and might even make you feel a little ill, you will prefer vaping. That’s when it’s time to throw away the smokes.

2 - Find a flavour you really like

Don’t persevere with a flavour you don’t like. Experiment and find something that tastes great for you, you need to enjoy vaping f you are to get off the smokes.

3 - Don’t buy crap

If you want to quit smoking you need a reliable device that won’t let you down, a $20 vape pen is probably not going to do it for you. Go to the experts, a vape shop or a reputable online retailer, talk to someone that knows their stuff.

4 - Have a backup

As a smoker it’s the worst feeling running out of smokes and not being able to get to a shop, it’s pretty much the same for vaping for a start. Have backup vape gear, spare battery, tank, coils and juice. You don’t want to be left with a flat battery and be tempted to go buy a pack of smokes.

5 - Don’t worry about vaping too much

As a smoker you may feel guilty or bad for ‘chain smoking’ etc. You don’t need to worry about ‘chain vaping’. Vape as much as you feel you need to get you off the smokes. It won’t make you smell, cough, sore, out of breath, or broke. You’ll just go through a bit more eLiquid and battery power.

6 - Get some support

Support is really important, a friend that has started vaping with you, someone that’s already been through the experience, or the guys from your local vape shop. You don’t need to do it alone.

7 - Haters are gonna hate

Vaping has been pretty controversial in the media and social media (basically because it’s new) and you will come across people who will criticise you, criticise vaping, and basically criticise anything they can think of to make themselves feel a little more important. Don’t let it get to you.