About Us

My Vaping Story

At 36 years old I had been a smoker for 20 years, smoking a pack a day for most of that time - now I vape.

For 20 years I felt like a slave to the smokes, a slave to the high taxes on cigarettes, a slave to the health implication of my addiction. Electronic cigarettes have provided me with a way out, a way to free my self from the $25 a day I would spend on smokes, and a way to improve my health.

I tried patches, medication and going cold turkey but it didn't work, partly because of the addiction. But also because while I felt like a slave to them, just a few times a day I loved smoking, with the morning coffee, in the car going to work, after a good meal, and with a few drinks.

I can honestly say that now, I enjoy my vape during those times and I have no urge whatsoever to have another smoke. For the first time since I was a teenager I'm running again, I'm losing weight, I don't stink of cigarette smoke, and I'm enjoying life as a non smoker.

Why Vape Anarchy?

I have become passionate about vaping and ecigs, because it changed my life and because I see these products as a solution for all smokers. That's why I started Vape Anarchy.

What's in the name? Well, I like freedom, I like choice. I don't like being a slave to something that's hurting me, I don't like having to pay enormous taxes when non smokers don't, and I don't like the restrictive legislation on electronic cigarettes that's happening in some countries.

Vape Anarchy is about freedom to choose, freedom to vape.

Vape Anarchy will not sell a product that we have not used and enjoyed, we will only sell tried and tested quality products that will provide a quality vape. This may mean that our product range is smaller than that if our competitors, but we stand behind everything we sell.

Where are we?

Vape Anarchy is based in Bendigo, Central Victoria. In addition to our online store, we operate a stall at the local Sunday market and we hope to soon open a store & vape lounge in the Bendigo CBD. So if you're in the Central Victoria area, drop in to the Sunday market and say hello.

Alastair Hyde

Vape Anarchy Electronic Cigarettes Bendigo Australia

W: vape-anarchy.com
P: 0402 262 432
E: alastairhyde@vape-anarchy.com